Time to Catch Some Eyes

No matter your brand, when you have a product launch you want it done right. The goal when unveiling a new product is to create a memorable experience for consumers; to make a statement. There’s a number of ways to achieve this. Some are expensive and others risky. Many, however, are never truly original. This is where it pays to get creative.

When Fossil (the licensor for Michael Kors watches) approached Diesel Displays, they wanted a unique display for their latest product launch: The Michael Kors’ Access. This smart watch comes with all the bells and whistles of the modern smart watch while keeping the luxury brand’s classic sensibilities. In addition to creating a display for the product launch, Fossil wanted something to be showcased at New York City’s Market Week.

Throughout the year, the fashion industry works with trade shows, department stores, designers, and companies to showcase their latest and greatest products. This display would be shown during the week where fashion accessories are highlighted. Fossil wanted to make a statement for the Access‘ launch and Market Week. We had one big idea of how to do that.